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MISA Travel is committed to provide a high level of quality service to our customers.
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1. To enquire on products : 
Customers who require information on products and have not yet decided to book may select any of the options below:
1.1 Enquiry Form - Star Cruise
1.2 Enquiry Form - General Cruise
1.3 Enquiry Form - Hotel
1.4 Enquiry Form - Land Tour
1.5 Enquiry Form - Free and Easy
1.6 Enquiry Form - Tour packages
1.7 Enquiry Form - Euro Rail Pass
1.8 Enquiry Form - General
2. To make a booking : 
Customers who want to make a tentative reservation may select any of the options below :
2.1 Booking Form - Star Cruise
2.2 Booking Form - General Cruise
2.3 Booking Form - Hotel
2.4 Booking Form - Land Tour Packages
2.5 Booking Form - Free & Easy Packages
2.6 Booking Form - Tour Packages
2.7 Booking Form - Euro Rail Pass
2.8 Booking Form - Japan Rail Pass
2.9 Booking Form - Car Rental
2.10 Travel Insurance Application Form
3. Customer Service  
Existing customers who want to follow up on existing travel bookings or make amendments
3.1 Customer Service Form
4. Feedback Form  
We welcome your feedback on our shortcomings and your suggestions on how we can improve ourselves to serve you better.
4.1 Customer Feedback Form
5. Enewsletter  
We welcome you to join our free membership to receive our regular newsletters for all airlines latest promotions, cheap packages offers, and many other bargains for cruises, hotel rates, regional getaways, etc.
5.1 Signup Newsletter
6. How to Book Flights?
1     Contact us : (65) 6538-0318
2     Online booking
3     Walk in (Visit our Office)
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